IC Nuclear Ltd is used to delivering high-quality, bespoke face-to-face training to clients due to our background in consulting.  As a result of sector wide concerns and direct client feedback, in recognising the need within the sector for a specialist Nuclear eLearning content developer, IC Nuclear Ltd has established a specialist eLearning division ‘eNuclear’.  This division is focused entirely on developing eLearning content for Regulated organizations and their supply chains operating within the Nuclear sector.  

Ranging from a simple refresh of an existing course, creating new content or keeping clients ahead of upcoming Regulatory changes, IC Nuclear have the in-house expertise to develop engaging eLearning content to meet these needs.

Below are just some examples of the eLearning services we are able to provide;

Nuclear sector-wide training

eNuclear regularly form cross-sector working groups to develop niche training that meets the need of the Nuclear sector as a whole not just individual clients. We also develop the training at our cost and make available to the entire sector via our LMS or the clients.

New Courses (design & implementation)

Support to develop new courses from start to finish, including engagment with all key stakeholders and subject matter experts to identify and lead the development of your training course. eNuclear has access to the leading eLearning authoring tools including, Articulate 360, Nimble Vyond and Lectora, so whatever your requirement we have the solution to meet your needs. We are also passionate about the inclusivity and accessibility of training because everybody has the right to learn. At eNuclear we will look at the demographic and needs of your intended audience and strive to cater for all their needs.

Off-the-shelf courses

As you would expect we have a variety of existing content that we can tailor to your organization

Existing courses

‘Death by PowerPoint’ is more common than your think! We work with many clients to convert their training content into something more engaging and flexible that meets the needs of their learners. It’s can be quick and straightforward and costs less than you think.


Courses are far more interesting for learners when they feel relevant to what they do. We have in-house animators who develop interesting and tailored animated content using the latest tools such as Vyond and Adobe Illustrator.

Blended learning

One size never fits all and the requirements of individual learners are always different. That is why we always take extra care to understand the audience and tailor our courses around their requirements. Some people like reading and some would rather sit and watch a video. Therefore, we utilise a wide variety of features and tools when developing our courses such as video, animation, workbooks, tests, games etc. If required, we can also incorporate face-to-face and webinars.

‘IC Nuclear provided an independent challenge, insight and a pragmatic approach, helping us to navigate the complex field of Intelligent Customer capability.’